Pedigree at Fieldays

The Challenge

Every year Fieldays is consistently the biggest trade show or expo in New Zealand, and in 2005 Pedigree approached Brand Events to leverage their sponsorship, and create a dynamic stand to operate from. The aim of the high profile stand was to execute a high level brand awareness campaign, and boost sales of Pedigree food and products at the event, and ongoing.

What we delivered

From 2005 onwards, the Pedigree stand became a real highlight of the Fieldays event. Brand Events delivered a highly effective trade zone, as well as leveraged sponsorship of the Pedigree Dog Trials.

We designed and produced event new event collateral that would be the mainstay of all Pedigree activations over coming years. A giant inflatable Dog Food bag, and a giant inflatable dog were set up outside the stand, instantly drawing attention to the stand from a great distance. Inside the stand we set up a large dog house for our Pedigree mascot, as well as interactive games for the family. However, the main focus of the stand was to drive sales of Pedigree event premiums and food. Thousands of branded indestructible dog bowls, dog Frisbees and other toys were sold over the years.

Our trained promotional staff and qualified veterinarian staff manned the sales counters to provide purchasers with an in depth knowledge of the product they were buying and its associated benefits for their dogs. There have also been many giveaway mechanics over the years, including the first major giveaway of a Quad Bike and trailer. These giveaways help boost excitement around the brand and increase product sales.

In 2005 the Pedigree Dog trials were a huge feature of the Fieldays timetable. Attractive huge spectator numbers, Brand Events made the most of our eye catching event collateral and the Pedigree brand was exposed to the largest possible number of patrons. People turned out in droves to watch working dogs, dog agility and obedience demonstrations. Overall the 2005 event was a huge success, and it became the experiential base for all Pedigree (and Whiskas) activations for years to come.